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O ícone do app não precisaria ter mudado! O outro era melhor! Mas o app em si é bom! Dá pra achar alguns livros bons grátis!


Excelente. O mundo literário em nossas mãos. Gostei.


Gostaria que houvesse uma base maior de títulos em português.

Ebook Pro

Péssimo! Quase não tem nada em português e o pouco que tem não é nada contemporâneo! fora que alguns clássicos não existem! Por exemplo não encontrei nada do Machado de Assis.

Ótimo App !

Muito bom!

Muito bom!

Pra quem tem um bom domínio de Inglês!!!!

Muito bom

Uma biblioteca ambulante


Ótimo para baixar livros. Fica melhor no iBooks.

Poucos títulos em português

O app possui um vasto catálogo, até com livros difíceis de encontrar por aí, mas pouquíssimos em português. Além disso, a interface é pouco intuitiva o que não facilita a navegação. Podia ter filtros nas buscas e mais opções de uso.


Muitos títulos, mas um pouco complicado. As obras com continuidade estão espalhadas. Facilitaria muito se estivessem próximas. Mas, mesmo assim, sou a favor da sua utilização.

Recomendo a instalação

Parabéns aos idealizadores e desenvolvedores


Einfach nur toll!



EBOOKS for your soul

I love to read and reread the classics but I’m on a budget and eBooks allows me to revel in the world of literature. Whether they’re books you read as a child, books you’ve read but don’t remember or books you've never heard of try eBooks.


It is good to get this book the one I am looking for

Great App

I have found so many useful and interesting books with the eBook Search App. I have spent many relaxing hours using the app.

Very useful app

Very useful app that works well


Great selection of rare books not in print anymore. Plus it’s free.

Free Books.

I have access to books that exist in only a few places. All the Classic books written before 1920 are available free. I am interested in history. When studying a certain era, it is best to read books written in that time period. This site is a big help to my ancestors research!

Great App

This is a wonderful app, I love using it

Thank you

Love this app! Great classics and newer books to read!

eASY to use!!

The eBook Search app is likely the easiest tool I’ve used. I selected a book, downloaded with no problems, and then was directed here to write a review (it indicated it would do so beforehand). Very simple but a great deal of stored information!

Super site for hard to find stuff.

I’m using it now for old military manuals to rebuild and old jeep.

Easy to use

Easy to use.


This app is awesome.



Great app!!

Love this app

Great book selection

Great book selection. Be patient when searching as books are not “spoon fed” to the reader. You have the opportunity to find the book YOU want to read!

Love it

I can find plenty of older books I grew up on. Most have been out of print for a long time. Great place to find classic writers. Love reading these wonderful stories again

Serial killer

i like ebook search to get books.You have A good selection to chose from.i would like to see more of a selection of free books.

E book pro

Very useful and a tremendous amount of free material available!

Star soldiers Andre norton

I started reading Andes Norton in 1960 at age 10. She started me on a lifetime of interstellar exploration that has opened outer and inner worlds. I can only wish you the same journey. I recommend any and all of the novels written by Andre Norton

Love reading

This is a wonderful app. Finding great books old and rare ones are special. My favorite APP. You get a five star.

Ethan Frome

A fine novel by Edith Wharton, which was not easily located. The ebooks App allowed me to easily access this book.

Free book/Good books

Just because something is free doesn’t mean it isn’t good, or I have discovered with Baen Books. Glad I found it!

Loving this app.

So many categories and books to choose from. I love to read and this app is amazing. Please make it a little easier to find the books I have downloaded. But such a cool app.



Excellent Search App for Books

This is my favorite search app for books, articles, lists, records, and more! UPDATE-06-11-2017-It has been two years since I rated this app and it still my favorite app for searching for books, etc, especially common domain books! I love That I can download excellent photocopies in PDF format and then read in Kindle, iBooks, MegaReader, etc. I also love to convert an additional PDF download into the Kindle format (.mobi). I then, sometimes, have my iPhone read the book to me using Siri's voice. (I'lI leave another update once I see all the things I can do with MegaReader and my downloaded files because MegaReader is a wonderful reading app.) Now back to this eBook Search Pro review-I love the updates that the app creators have included since my last review. They have made an already excellent app even more user friendly with a slick user interface. This app deserves your support. If it costs a little money for all of the benefits, it is well worth it. Please support this App and its developers.


love it!!!

Easy search of useful books

Good reads

E books

I love all the choices of free books, and I can read a small detail of what the story is about. If it is in a series, it usually starts with book one, instead of farther in the story. Pudge48


Life will never be the same! I remand about five books a month. So, this is a life saver.

eBook Search Pro

Works well on my iPad


It is truly a joy

Very useful app

Just started using it but already finding it useful. Hope to use it in my classes as a teacher, too.


Classic book, a joy to read and re-read.

EXcellent App!

Easy to use, results are surprisingly helpful. Already found more free books than I can read!!




As promised you can find various types of books that will intrigue, inform or entertain.

Great app!

I’m always searching for eBooks to read (and the cheaper the better!). This app makes it easy to find great books!


Very slick.

Great app

Great app


I have recently started using this app and I am very happy with the choice of free books available. As I become more accustomed to finding the books I want I am sure I will continue to enjoy this sight immensely.

Simple and Great!

Great app! It let's you read and find many free classics and ebooks. I love nonfiction and classics, and all of this for only 0.99$ is a great deal. Very easy to navigate as well.

Free eBooks

This a great source of free books in the public domain!

Great app

Buy it you won't regret

Great App.

Love the variety. A go to for a good read.



Great resource

Use often to find free versions of copyright expired books.

Looking for books?

This is a great app for finding old and public domain books you may be looking for for school, research, and for your own edification. And while you're browsing you may find a title or two you didn't even know you were looking for! Enjoy the journey.

Free and easy

I learned about this app from a friend. She sent me the link and I thought it probably would not work. I thought I would not find any books I was interested in. Boy was I wrong! As a blind user, I very much enjoyed the accessibility with voiceover. It is so nice to be able to just click the download button, and my book is in the e-books app. As I said very easy. I must have app and any book readers collection.

Unusual and out of print books

So far so good. I think I'm going to like this!

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